Twentyseven Gears

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make a custom piece for me?

I do make custom buckles/earrings/etc. for people occasionally, so send me an email with a drawing if you are interested. If you are working on a project and just need some parts cut, you will save a lot of money by finding a lasercutter in your area and working directly with them.


I want to make things like this! What kind of software do I need?

Almost all of my products are made from 2D designs, which means you can draw them in any software that exports a DXF or DWG file. That includes Illustrator, DraftSight, and CorelDRAW.


Do you make your belts?

No, I buy my belts from a wholesaler in Alabama. I may take up beltmaking in the future, but for now I want to make sure that the best product gets to my customers, and I am a much better metalworker than leatherworker.


Who is that handsome model showing off your buckles?

That is my friend Brady. I'll tell him you said he was handsome.


How do I put a new buckle on a snap belt?

Why aren't there more questions on your FAQ?

You gotta ask me something frequently for it to end up here. What are you waiting for?